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If you are looking for reliable and reputed auto repair shop in El Monte CA, you are on the right place! At Autocraft’s auto body shop we offer the best services in this industry for the El Monte CA region. No mater what your car needs, from oil and tires change, engine and transmission repair, auto body repair, collision repair, or just need professional advice, you can rely on our long experience, and get exactly what you need!


Address: 4276 S Baldwin Ave El Monte CA 91731
Phone: (626) 454-4728

Reliable auto body repair services by Autocraft

Professional body repair

Our auto collision repair center in El Monte CA provides the best auto body and auto collision repair services in our region. We are serving El Monte CA and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs combined with customer service, is second to none. We have structured cars collision in such a way so as to streamline communication and improve client service by leveraging the technology within our management system software to provide us with key performance indicators that can be monitored and controlled.

Top rated auto collision repair center in El Monte, CA

Have problem like this? We can fix it! Fast and reliable!

We at Autocraft know that our vehicles play an important role in our lives. On the one hand, our cars make our lives much easier — taking us from home to work and back again and from one adventure to the next. But on the other, our cars are a constant source of worry — and a constant drain on our wallets. Our cars go through a lot for us, and we go through a lot for our cars at our company in El Monte CA, and in a way, our cars become almost like our children.

The most preferred auto repair shop in El Monte, CA

Our mechanics are unmatched!

Having a vehicle in good condition is important, especially if you are relying on it for your business. If it needs repairs and are in El Monte CA, look no further. At one of the greatest auto repair shops, we have all what your car need. Expertise, adequate manipulation and professionalism is what describes Autocraft’s mechanics best.

Our modern and unique auto body shop - Autocraft

The most preferred auto body/repair shop in El Monte CA

Our auto body repair shop combines tradition with technology and can repair any auto related problem with high efficiency. If you are sick of “repair this, broke that” kind of attitude find us in El Monte CA , and we will make sure you are satisfied. When our customers deal with us, both parties win. Place your troubles in Autocraft’s hands and they will gone.

Before you visit our auto body shop, please call:
(626) 454-4728

by Jane S. on Autocraft

Took my car in to have the axles replaced, and all my oil gaskets. They were timely (had it done in one day) and reasonably priced - Called me to update me whenever something different had occurred, that would possibly change my decision on what was being done. Before work began, took me into the work bay and showed me all the possible problems.

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